Why choose Med-Eval

Our Experience

A primary provider since 1994 of medical evaluative services and discounted medical imaging for the workers’ compensation, automobile, general liability, and non-occupational disability claims industries. You can be confident that we will process your service request to your satisfaction.

Highest Standards of Quality

Our Quality Assurance staff has extensive experience in casualty claims. They prepare medical evaluations for the physicians’ review, ensuring quality, clarity and completeness. You can be confident that your medical reports will be complete and correct.

Our Independent Medical Examiners

Our medical examiners are board-certified in their respective specialties and sub-specialties.  All medical specialties are available.    Our contracted physicians are properly credentialed using  similar standards as major PPO networks.  This extra effort assures you that our contracted physicians are qualified and free from sanctions or judgments that could compromise the credibility of their medical reports.

Geographical Access

We provide medical evaluative services throughout the United States and even in other countries around the globe.  You can rely on us to have or locate a provider virtually anywhere.

Discounted Diagnostics

We provide attractive discounts on high tech medical imaging modalities, electrodiagnostic studies, and functional capacity evaluations.  These services can be scheduled throughout the United States.